unseen before or maybe...CFL memorabilia

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unseen before or maybe...CFL memorabilia

Post by bibitte2 » Tue Aug 26, 2014 7:10 am

Good morning all,

I came across a huge collection full of oddities and very rare items and had to do a lot of research but manage to find or confirm the rarity of most of the items, some being unique.

In the collection was a large quantity of hockey memorabilia dating back as far as 1884 upward to 2010 approx. That part of the collection holds a lot of genuine Lord Stanley pieces, some autographed and a killer 1889 hockey program with Lord Stanley in it....

But i am Under the impression that these Stanley items are not the rarest of the group, I feel that the CFL (Montreal Alouettes) collection is not only unique but chances to gather such a rare group probably won’t happen again.

The Collection of Alouettes rarest items is two different sets of unused, uncut tickets. When i started looking at them i said to myself, wow they are really in superb shape, but looking more closely and after surfing the net to even find one, I quickly realised they are none on the market from those years.

The first group of tickets is a 1957 complete season tickets that includes the pre-season games....all the tickets are there, i verified the 1957 schedule and none missing. All tickets complete, uncut & unused...That must be rare.

The second group of ticket is the same kind of package from 1966 but the only difference is they were separated in 3 from the original sheet of season tickets, so you have a group of 6 untamed and 2 pairs stuck together.....

In the same box, the rest of the collection was Boxing tickets, also from 1957, but these should go for grading as they are perfect....5 different colors of 1957 Montreal forum Archie Moore vs Yvon Durelle tickets, all uncut like new + one from the rematch + one from Carmen Basilio vs Sugar Ray Robinson...I know the boxing tickets are on the market from time to time, I’ve seen them...

Have you ever seen similar items from the CFL?

Thanks for your time





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