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Re: attendance at your university home games

Post by Rids » Tue Nov 24, 2009 6:30 pm

One of the guys over at kept track this year. I could send it over to you if you'd like. 4 games didn't report an attendance. << My country singing wife

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Re: attendance at your university home games

Post by FANatic » Thu Nov 26, 2009 1:30 am

Bob Leponge wrote:Hi im a big Laval fan ive been buying season ticket for 6 years to the Rouge et Or with my 12 other buddies and it all comes down to $$ . Even if my team is not there for Vanier cup will be there tailgating and enjoying a good football game next weekend and all the festivities around town starting thursday where the Grande Allée will be closed off , all the main restaurants will be offering free hot dog and hamburgers loll . I hope lots of people will be coming down

here a link on Youtube done 3 years by the scores
Great to hear this Bob.This is the kind of football fan support I think is very positive for our university league. Going to support the game and enjoy the game even if your team (or your favorite team) is not playing. Because the Saint Marys University is closest for where I live I try to get out to every Saint Marys game that I can ( didn't miss one this season including palyoff and final) even though Saint Marys is not my favorite team. Sure since Saint Marys is the home team for where I live I do support them but I enjoy the game fist and I don't bail from the stand by the third quarter if there getting their buts kicked. I hope everyone enjoys the game at Laval this weekend. It should be a great party and a great game. Wish I could be there too. :beer:

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Re: attendance at your university home games

Post by hfxbomberfan » Mon Nov 30, 2009 3:52 pm

Dave, that clip from the Laval TG party blew me away. :0

Man, we tried to get people tail-gating in Halifax, but what a bunch of sad-sacks. I think we should go on a road-trip to Laval just to tailgate at a game and have some fun! :beer:

What do you think, buddy? :hmm: :D
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Re: attendance at your university home games

Post by stats4u » Sun May 15, 2011 9:05 am

The U of Eh also has medium sized crowds. Some students, some alumni, and some paying customers. As has been mentioned in other posts, the lack of marketing and team merchandise doesn't help "the cause". Edmonton has 2 junior football teams, and of course the Eskimos, so the football market is divided. Many of those attending the jr. games do not attend the CIS games, and vice versa -- although a lot of the Golden Bears are former jr. players.

Media coverage in Edmonton is okay, with both pre-game and post-game articles. But it's obvious that the football team is not a huge priority to the campus as a whole. With a student population of 33,000, you'd hope that more of the students would attend. Although Foote Field is easily accessed from the main campus via light rail transit (and all students get transit passes), you don't see the campus supporting this team too much.

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