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Re: Canadian Colleges Athletic Association

Post by Hollywood2 » Wed Nov 25, 2009 10:12 pm

Rids wrote:When Dave Dickenson started for the Stampeders they used to have a busload of fans come up from Great Falls, Montana for the Friday & Saturday games in Calgary. The Applebee's in Great Falls has a whole section of the wall in a CFL tribute of Dave.

The only way the CIS will get Simon Fraser back is if they change the scholarship rules and perhaps the roster sizes. It won't happen right away (I don't think it'll happen with this coaching staff - these guys aren't pro-active enough) but Simon Fraser is going to return to the point of drawing the top Canadian talent that don't find NCAA Div I homes.
Actually there is very little difference in scholarship rules between Canada West and NCAA Div 2 (which is where SFU will be playing). Even if there were, where would SFU get the money for it? They don't draw enough fans and aren't likely to draw any more in the future.
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Re: Canadian Colleges Athletic Association

Post by Rids » Thu Nov 26, 2009 12:10 am

CIS rules state that an athletic scholarship can only cover tuition. NCAA rules state that the scholarship can cover any expenses for an individual while at the NCAA institution. Simon Fraser can give out 26 full scholarships that can cover tuition, all fees, books, room and board.

A full NCAA scholarship to business student at Simon Fraser would work out to $10,618.25 + the cost of books. That's using their posted costs on the website. (various fees + 5 course load per semester + room + board + parking)

A max CIS scholarship to a business student at Simon Fraser would work out to $6,294.00. (5 course load per semester)

Fairly big gap in the dollars. When you include the potential cost of text books for 10 courses a half NCAA scholarship looks an awful lot like a max CIS scholarship.

Now putting that all aside I will agree with you Hollywood - where are they going to find the funds to finance this when apparently (according to a rumour I heard) they weren't giving out all of their CIS allowed scholarships. It isn't coming from game day attendance I can tell you that! << My country singing wife

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