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Will Billy Greene Make a successful Transition to FB in CFL

Posted: Thu Nov 08, 2012 12:49 pm
by cflsteve
2011 Hec winner Billy Greens is projected as a FB in the CFL. If you watched any UBC games this season you would have seen that Greene has put on some extra top body weight. He has always been a good runner but this year he looked like a fullback when he took off. For a few seasons going into this one the CFL has mostly used FBs as special teams players only but Montreal and Patrick Lavoi along with Rob Cote in Calgary have seemed to swing back to using the FB more inoffensive sets as a TE and both have been very successful. In Hamilton former Hec winner Daryl Stepanson has seen very little time on offense as a back up RB. That is until the injury to Chevon walker and the promotion of Avon cobourne to the 42 game roster as starting TB along with the signing of Brandon Rutley as a KO returner and Back up RB. This moved Stephanson to exclusively FB where Hamilton began to use him more at TE for blocking but also out into receiving routes. Although his offensive stats where not that high they were the highest in his 5 yr career and most likley will start the year off as Hamiltons top FB/TE and will be seeing more TE sets with the success in montreal and Calgary. Darcy Brown started the season a top the depth chart as FB but became expendable when Stephenson had success. Brown went to Edmonton where another RB Calvin McCartty began to have success as a FB/TE until he was injured very quickly and Darcy brown did not have quite as much success.
Several teams do not have a FB/TE that is athletic enough to get out on pass patterns and if this pattern of using more TE sets continues Greene being very athletic could find himself as a very hot commodity as a free agent flying under the radar.