Star Choice owners: PBS HD problems?

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Star Choice owners: PBS HD problems?

Post by Bushido » Thu Nov 29, 2007 12:20 am

I've searched for a few hours online, including DHC (home of one of the world's worst search engines) and have come up with nothing. I've e-mailed Star Choice about this but I thought I'd ask here and get those with SC (and HD) to try to figure out what's going on.

Normally channel 288 carries the PBS HD feed from Detroit. Basically it isn't even Detroit programming, it's a (almost) national PBS HD feed. Lately (past few days maybe? I don't know, my hours are all over the place) what's been airing on this channel is the regular Detroit PBS station. Huh. So I checked WTVS own website and their HD channel is airing THE EXACT SAME PROGRAMMING. Which means it isn't HD. An HD channel that doesn't carry any HD content. At all.


Anyone know what's going on? As repetitive as PBS HD can get it's not near as soul crushing as their non-HD alternatives with 70 hours of pledge drives and "Learning to Love Life and Other Such Crap with Dr. Jackass" 3 hours a night.

If this is a shift on PBS Detroit's part I'd hope that SC drops the channel like a bad habit and gets a feed from Seattle, Buffalo, Boston, anywhere that actually offers a HD feed that is actually HD and not SD programming that happens to air on the same damn channel.

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