Drive Backup Software?

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Drive Backup Software?

Post by acluett89 » Tue Feb 16, 2010 3:26 am

I'm looking for some sort of hard drive backup or imaging software that I can use in the following way:Plug in an external DVD 16x USB burner then Boot to a CD on the PC. The software would load, and I could backup the hard drive to the DVD burner - maybe several media used.Later I could plug in the external USB DVD burner, boot to the CD again and restore all the data from the DVD to the hard drive.Does such software exist? I don't want to install anything to the OS.Thanks

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Re: Drive Backup Software?

Post by Sir Purrcival » Mon Nov 01, 2010 12:54 pm

There are a wide variety of backup options in terms of software but if you are hoping for an install free version, well, I am unware of one but that doesn't mean it doesn' exist.

I was working on a machine this weekend where the owner is using something called Acronis. Basically, it backups to Disk (external hard drive is your best option by the way). Boots from CD and restores. It also has running incremental backups in between full system images. Seemed to work reasonably well and when his hard drive suddenly crashed we were able to recover much of what was lost fairly easily. His old hard drive wasn't mountable so it became particularly important that he had done this.

Otherwise, if people aren proficient in installing their OS, I often recommend using Windows Backup. It isn't flashy but it works. The Windows 7 version may have a bug or two for large filesets.
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Re: Drive Backup Software?

Post by Soundy » Sun Nov 28, 2010 2:01 pm

I use Paragon Drive Backup - works similar to Acronis. Can create a full image of your drive onto another (external) drive, or onto optical, or even to a network drive. The installed portion can be scheduled to be full or incremental backups on schedule. It can also create a "backup capsule", sectioning off a small portion of the drive for regular critical-files backups, and optionally install itself in the drive's boot sector, so it gives you a short message at bootup to go into the recovery console rather than booting Windows.

And yes, it can create a boot CD or flash drive that you can run it from to do backups and restores.

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