Occupy. (insert name here)

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Sir Purrcival
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Occupy. (insert name here)

Post by Sir Purrcival » Thu Nov 10, 2011 10:19 pm

So, in settings all across this country, there are "Occupy......." encampments. It seems that the one out in my area of Vancouver has had a number of fairly extreme issues of late with overdoses, fights over ceremonial fires and so on that have pushed the tension level to the brink of real ugliness on a couple occasions but it hasn't quite boiled over yet. We are currently waiting now for a court hearing to see if the City of Vancouver can evict the camp residents.

London Ont., went ahead and shut down their Occupy site a day ago.

I have some pretty strong opinions about some of this but I would like to know what others are thinking about the Occupy movement, their message and methods. Whether they have a demonstration going in their community? I really am trying to get a sense of what people across the country think. There is no right or wrong, no desired answer and no angling for confrontation. Just an earnest desire to know what the perceptions are from other regions as well as those from my own. If relevant, describe the nature of the Occupation if you have one.
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Solar Max
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Re: Occupy. (insert name here)

Post by Solar Max » Fri Nov 11, 2011 5:38 am

In Victoria they dump urine on city workers, disrupt traffic, bother pedestrians, and disobey whatever laws come to mind.

Am I offered this same choice, to disregard whatever laws I choose with ZERO consequences?

Either the law applies to all, or it applies to no one. This must be addressed very soon.
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