Winnipeg Stadium/Fans.....

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Winnipeg Stadium/Fans.....

Post by notahomer » Sun Oct 27, 2013 11:13 pm

I tried to open an account on two weeks ago to post this but they don't seem interested in letting me open an account, so I'll post it here..... :?

I got to go to Winnipeg to see their beautiful new stadium a few weeks back. I was part of the Operation Orange (started in 2012 by the BC Lions) where we got to travel with the team. We got to fly on the teams charter, stay at their hotel, partake in the pregame meal, took in a tour of the stadium and of course watch the Lions play the Bombers. Obviously it was quite an enjoyable game as a Lions fan but I did want to give a shout out to Winnipeg and all the Bomber fans.

Winnipeg was the city where my grandfather was born in 1919. Since he passed away about twenty years ago, I definitely wanted to see the city where he was born. Now that is crossed off my bucket list and I can't think of a better way to do it than my trip with Operation Orange.

Now our trip to Winnipeg was not a long one (about 40 hours). For breakfast I went to a little hole in the wall greasy spoon restaurant called 'the DON' which I thought was perfect since one of my favourite BC Lion Head Coaches was Don Matthews. At this place I almost ordered a menu item called 'crack and hash' which was pork crackling diced fine and mixed in with hash browns. Sounded good and the name was priceless, IMO.

Spent some time exploring things like the legislature of Manitoba. They have a horseshoe type configuration setup for the seats. Who Cares? Okay, but a political junkie like myself likes the idea of collaboration and working towards solving problems. I think something as simple as this seat setup lends itself to dialogue rather than the one up type attitude from a confrontational layout like we have here in BC.

The new Stadium (Investors Group Field) is beautiful. Reminds me of the Seahawks Stadium. Loved all the sightlines. Wished I hadn't eaten so much at the hotel pregame meal, so I could have saved some room for the Stadium food. And the Bomber fans were awesome too. Maybe they would have given us a harder time had the Bombers been having an awesome season on the field but I doubt it. Most seemed glad to see fellow CFL fans out enjoying their new stadium and cheering on another CFL football game. I was actually amazed at how many BC Lions fans came out to faithfully cheer on their team.

So, a special thank-you to all the Bomber fans and the City of Winnipeg. You have a beautiful new stadium and I am so looking forward to seeing it host a Grey Cup game when you get a chance. I admire all the fans who came out to cheer. As BC Lions fans we obviously enjoyed the game but the highlight of the night for me was all about Buck Pierce. This was Pierces first trip back to Winnipeg since he'd been traded to the Lions. When the Bomber fans started chanting "WE WANT BUCK", the forty Lions fans who made up Operation Orange gladly joined in. It felt so neat to see fans of both teams cheer on Buck. It was a special night for that reason alone. Watching my Bc Lions finally play a game on the road was especially fun. Somehow I doubt the next time I do so, it will be with the friendliness of fans like the ones we encountered in Winnipeg. Long live the CFL..........

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