Chris Jones: New Head Coach and GM for Riders

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Chris Jones: New Head Coach and GM for Riders

Post by Sir Purrcival » Mon Dec 07, 2015 10:43 am ... n-in-jones

What seems to have been one of the worst kept secrets in recent times has finally been confirmed with the hiring of Chris Jones in Saskatchewan. Controversy seems to follow this man whether it be his sometimes frosty relationship with the media or whenever he makes a team change. You might recall that in 2011, the Toronto Argonauts were fined for tampering for failure to seek permission to talk to Jones before hiring him as their defensive coordinator. He was signed by the Eskimo's from Toronto a mere 3 days after the Argo's Grey Cup win in the 100th Grey Cup and now even before the Champagne has reached room temperature, he is leaving another Grey Cup champion team to take on the woeful Roughriders. What doesn't seem to be as savory about this latest transition is that rumours about this move were already flying fast and furious before the Grey Cup and included such things as salary amounts. Again, it seems as though the rush for the "early bird to get the worm" has somewhat tarnished the league. Where else do you get discussions about where a head coach may be next season during the week leading up to the biggest game of the year in the league? A game where the head coach under discussion is an integral part of the proceedings.

Now I'm not saying that technically the Riders did anything illegal here but it certainly seems as though they have some loose lips in their organization. Interest or no, there is really no excuse for the kinds of discussions that seemed to be all over the media and fan forums in the weeks leading up to the Grey Cup. If for no other reason, it certainly took focus away from the Grey Cup itself and that doesn't help the league in any way, shape or form. The speed in which the rumours have now been substantiated as fact have once again raise the rumblings that "tampering" may have taken place. Enough at least for Ed Hervey to be fined $5000.00 by the league for comments suggesting that tampering does happen all the time. Something the Eskimo's themselves were fined $10000.00 for when signing Odel Willis mere minutes after the free agency period opened in 2013.

So it seems it is business as usual in the CFL. In regards to Jones, love him or hate him, you can't argue with the results. 6 Grey Cup appearances, four wins (Montreal, Calgary, Toronto, Edmonton). Not bad for a little over a decades work. The Riders are a lot better today than they were last week. It will be an interesting watch to see how Jones plays with the media in the football intense province which is home to the Riders. That task may be more daunting than the challenge of righting the Rider's Prairie Schooner
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