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Re: Let's get this forum rolling again

Post by Hollywood2 » Sun Jan 08, 2017 10:49 pm

ArgoDave wrote:
iso_55 wrote:What I'm going to say will stir some people up here as they won't like it but sometimes the truth will set you free. To be blunt, I was around here back in the so called "Good Old Days". Some mods became power hungry bullies & pushed their weight around too much with bannings, threats of bannings, deleting posts, sending mean spirited & nasty private messages. I remember getting a PM from a mod who said he didn't like me & that he would not stop badgering me until eventually I was perma banned. Members like me became fed up & decided to move on after putting up with nothing but *poop* & abuse. Who needs it?
Also, cliques developed where members would gang up on others here with the help of certain mods who looked the other way. These same cliques, usually led by fanbase members of some eastern based teams would always post about their get togethers during the year. This place became like more of a social club which turned a lot of other fans off especially western based teams. You knew if you part of the "In Crowd" or not here just by the way you were treated & respected, that's for sure. If you were a western fan chances are you weren't part of the in crowd here. Unless you partied with those members at Grey Cup time. Then you were okay.
I remember the time when Esks fans left here in anger & never came back after their team was mocked on the trade deadline when they traded for a running back from Hamilton & other teams fans posted hundreds of messages accusing the Esks of trying to buy a Grey Cup. Just a ton of bad feelings when that occurred. That started the decline here & it happened pretty fast. People just left.
With the advent of team sites, 13thman will never come close to where it was a decade ago. Too bad because at one time this was the biggest CFL website anywhere.
You're still alive Alvin? ;)

There is *some* truth in there but as another long time member from here and from Total-CFL before it I disagree with the idea that western fans had it worse here. Not even close to Argo fans. Recall when Sherwood bailed on the team and west fans...especially Rider fans...were all screaming to let the Argos die? Or how just about every year some westerners would be crying and moaning...again the prairie fans mostly...about eastern teams exceeding the Cap until of course they started to win the same way....western fans ALWAYS outnumbered east fans here so many of the "in crowd" as you say were west of Ontario. Heck we only had 3 or 4 Als fans I can recall and we lost a bunch of Ottawa fans when the Renegades died.

Brad and Derek both had great boards going that for the most part were fun to visit but time marches on, boards like these aren't as good on small tablet or phone screens like FB is and the new social media is all the younger generation know how to use.

Personally I used to have the time and desire to sit on my computer every night to trade banter with fellow fans but life has just gotten too busy. I find now when I do get online it's on my phone for just a few minutes here and there. I don't even go to Argofans anymore, dunno half the people there.
I have wondered about message boards myself. They were all the rage but it seems that FB & Twitter occupy the time-wasting computer usage for most people. At one time I had a folder of about 6 boards to open at a time. Few of those even exist now. I don't know if boards could merge or fi some form of technology will bring them back again.
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Re: Let's get this forum rolling again

Post by VICIOUSCIRCLE » Tue Jan 17, 2017 1:26 pm

What does everyone think of the present state of their team, the league and the upcoming season?
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Re: Let's get this forum rolling again

Post by Chyep » Fri Jun 16, 2017 1:43 pm

I think the flames are still a long way off of being a serious contender. ........

Oh, football?

Bo knows the CFL. The Stamps are still the team to beat in the west. Competition has closed the gap. Except for maybe SK. Chris Jones is on the clock.
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Re: Let's get this forum rolling again

Post by sokkimlay » Fri Jun 16, 2017 6:56 pm

thank for sharing.
I too would like to see this site become active again

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