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Curling > Major Sports re: sportsmanship

Post by FootbalYouBet » Sun Mar 30, 2008 2:22 pm

First, kudos and hats off to Team Canada for the great win.

Second, even tho I am not a curling fan, I watched just enough to see something impressive that you never see in major league sports. The oponants rock was going out when it hit the leg of a team canada player and stayed in. The other player immediately waved it out, even though they could have had it stay in. It would have been a point.

In a world of fake injuries, dives, trying to claim you caught a ball you know hit the ground etc, it was very refreshing to see.

I dont care if professional sports means money and careers are on the line, sportsmanship should still rule.
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Re: Curling > Major Sports re: sportsmanship

Post by iso_55 » Tue Apr 01, 2008 11:16 pm

Curling has always been that way. It's always been about being a good sport, etiquette & not cheating. I have personal experience to back all of that up & why curling is such a great game.
When I was in grade 12, I was in the old Manitoba Curling Association's School Boy's Bonspiel in Winnipeg in December of 1973... It has since been changed to the MCA Junior Men's Bonspiel. It used to start back then every Boxing Day & went that entire week up to about December 30th. It was the biggest junior men's bonspiel at the time with easily about 400 rinks from all over Manitoba, Northwestern Ontario, Saskatchewan, Minnesota & North Dakota involved.
The reason it was called "The School Boy's Bonspiel" was because the bonspiel dated back to the early 20th century & curling back then in 1973 was popular in the high schools in Winnipeg. Now, there isn't curling out of the high schools anymore. It's all in the curling clubs. Hence the name change to a more modern sounding "Junior Men's Bonspiel".
Well, 34 years ago, our team got on a roll. We were undefeated in round robin play & we got to the semi's (fours) of the Main Event (Winnipeg Free Press Trophy) & we were playing Dale Duguid's team. These guys were the best young curling team in Manitoba if not the entire country back then & the odds on favourite to win the entire bonspiel... I remember Bob Irving of CJOB radio on one of his sportscasts mentioning our team & saying we were the team to watch in the bonspiel. Not bad for 4 guys from the same high school who never played together before the bonspiel.
Duguid's team was light years better than us & much more experienced but we were in a tight game... I think we were down by a couple of points three quarters thru or something like that. Thing is, they were lying five with two or 3 of guards in front of the house. The only way we had a chance to score a single point was to draw around the front guards & into the four foot. Either we make that shot or shake hands & go home losing by 7 points.
I was second on our team. We had last rock. Our skip let the shot go & weight looked good & line looked good. It seemed like we'd score a point & be only one down with a couple of ends left. One problem: I touched the rock with my broom. It was so slight that no one noticed not even my teammates... It didn't even change the direction or rotation of the rock. Nobody knew I touched the rock. BUT I DID!!!
I immediately let everyone know I burned the rock & it was removed from play... And we lost. But I'll be honest as no one noticed me touching our rock as I was sweeping, I easily could have kept quiet & not have said anything. For a couple of seconds I thought about shutting up & not saying anything. I knew my teammates would be upset with me & they were.
My team was in shock & a couple of guys were real angry with me because I burned the rock which eliminated us from the bonspiel.. The next day we talked, cooler heads prevailed & everybody agreed it was the right thing to do. We didn't want to cheat Duguid out of a championship that his team truly deserved had we gone on to win the game somehow. But chances are, he'd have beaten us anyway... We were really no match for those guys. Still though, it was tough for all of us (especially me) to accept how we lost such an important game like that. Lots of "What ifs" on that one, I tell ya. For a long time afterwards.
I saw highlights of the game on the late sports on CBC TV that night & truly even the cameras couldn't pick up me touching the rock ever so slightly with the broom... In reality, it was cool just seeing myself on television!!! :beauty:
What bad luck & such a bizarre ending for us... We never curled together again.
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