What is Canada's Third Most Favourite Sport?

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What is Canada's Third Most Favourite Sport?

Post by Hymie » Fri Dec 18, 2009 8:01 am

If you look at the TV ratings the last few months, you would think Canada's favourite sports are: 1) Hockey, 2) CFL, 3) NFL. Well guess what. Number three last week was Curling and not by a small margin. The Olympic trials blew the NFL out of the water. Had to smile when I saw that, and not because I am an occasional competitive curler either :D :yahoo: .

This is from Chris Zelkovich of the Toronto Star

Curling sweeps weekend ratings
While it's a given which sport will draw the greatest number of Canadian eyeballs at the Vancouver Olympics -- that's hockey, if you just arrived from Zimbabwe -- there is equally no doubt about which sports is going to be a close second.

That's curling, which produced awesome ratings for last week's Olympic trials. Sunday's men's final, for example, hit 1.2 million even though the game wasn't exactly a cliff-hanger. TSN calls it a record and even though just about everything is a record under the new ratings system, the audience numbers were impressive.

When curling pre-game shows can attract more than 400,000 viewers, you know you've got something. TSN got an extra benefit from its curling coverage: SportsCentre .

Here are the top-rated weekend sports shows in English Canada, according to BBM Canada overnight ratings: SportsCentre drew 381,000 viewers on the heels of Saturday's women's final.

1. NHL, Caps-Leafs/Canes-Sens/Thrashers-Habs, Saturday, CBC: 1,758,000

2. Curling, Olympic trials men's final, Sunday, TSN: 1,213,000

3. Curling, Olympic trials men's semifinal, Saturday, TSN: 843,000

4. Curling, Olympic trials women's final, Saturday, TSN: 832,000

5. NHL, Wild at Canucks, Saturday, CBC: 818,000

6. NFL, Early games, Sunday, CTV: 802,000

7. Curling, Olympic trials women's semifinal, Friday, TSN: 729,000

8. NHL, Hockey Night In Canada pre-game show, Saturday, CBC: 641,000

9. NFL, Late games, Sunday, Citytv: 585,000

10. NFL, Eagles at Giants, Sunday, TSN: 566,000*

11. Curling, Olympic trials men's final pre-game show, Sunday, TSN: 415,000

12. Curling, Olympic trials women's final pre-game show, Saturday, TSN: 406,000

13. NFL, NFL Countdown, Sunday, TSN: 291,000

14. Skiing, Men's Super-G, Saturday, CBC: 188,000

15. NFL, Late games, Sunday, Sportsnet: 169,000
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Re: What is Canada's Third Most Favourite Sport?

Post by princejolly » Wed Sep 22, 2010 9:41 pm

As Per My Point Of View and Knowledge.The most common and Favorite Games of The Canada's are ice hockey, Canadian football, basketball, soccer, curling and baseball. There are also Many More Games Such as auto race,Bowling,Golf,Cycling Etc.

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Re: What is Canada's Third Most Favourite Sport?

Post by cfldave » Thu Nov 11, 2010 2:26 pm

Boy, the Americans are right...if our 3rd favourite sport is curling we really are boring :tease:
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Re: What is Canada's Third Most Favourite Sport?

Post by Glenegade » Sun Dec 05, 2010 2:31 pm

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Re: What is Canada's Third Most Favourite Sport?

Post by Gill The Thrill » Wed May 18, 2011 6:50 pm

I've known for 20 years that Curling gets phenomenal ratings on TV. Big curling tournaments like the Brier and even the Scotties to some extent takes precedence over Blue Jays baseball and even NHL late season games with only one Canadian team featured. People in and around the cosmopolitan GTA may not grasp it but in rural areas and in the smaller cities in Canada, the game is hugely popular as a recreation and a community social gathering. I've lived in North Bay and Thunder Bay and curling was definitely part of the sports landscape. Fort William Gardens, a 4,000 seat Arena in Thunder Bay in fact has a huge oversized cement statue of a large curling rock at the main intersection in front of the arena. Just the sheer size of this curling rock is as equivalent to an actual curling rock as the statue of Liberty is equivalent to the actual size of woman. :rotf:

I've never played curling, but have had many tell me that once you try it, and learn the rules, you'll fall in love with it because of the strategic nature of the game.

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