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CFL Pickem

Post by theasfldotcom » Tue Jun 26, 2012 6:15 pm

Greetings from the US,

I've created a CFL Pickem game on my website ( dedicated to fantasy sports games of all types. I'm hoping to attract anyone interested in the game, even if they may not be interested in the rest of the games we offer.

The game can be found at

For all 72 games of the regular season and the five games of the postseason predict the final score you anticipate for each game. The closer you are to the correct score the more points you earn. For picking the correct result (win, loss or tie) you earn 30 points. For picking the correct winning margin you earn 15 and lose one point for each point you're off until you can't lose anymore points (15 points off or more). For picking a team's correct score correctly, you earn six points. Being within a point of a correct score is worth five points; within a field goal is worth four; a TD is worth three; ten points is worth two and within two TDs is worth a single point. If you correct predict both teams' scores (and subsequently the correct result and margin) you can a bonus three points for 60.

If you're interested in participating, sign up here. From there you can use the game's main page to submit your picks for each game, check out the game & CFL standings, check out the game & CFL stats, and league schedules.

If you have any questions feel free to []get a hold of me[/url] first.

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