2009 World Junior Championship

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Re: 2009 World Junior Championship

Post by Hollywood2 » Sun Jan 04, 2009 7:32 pm

January 4, 2009

Image Finland 3
Image Germany 1


Image Latvia 7
Image Kazakhstan 1



The results of these first two games mean that Germany and Kazakhstan are relegated and will be replaced by Switzerland and Austria in 2009-2010. Finland gets 7th place and Latvia gets 8th. Latvia will be one of the happier 8th place teams in history since their pre-tournament goal would have been to come back next year.

Image United States 3
Image Czech Republic 2

[SUMMARY (pdf)]

This result is just in as I post. The USA claim 5th place with this win.

Next games:
  • Monday, January 5, 2009
    2:30 pm CT Bronze game Slovakia v Russia (TSN)
    6:30 pm CT Gold game Canada v Sweden (TSN)
Hymie wrote:
Hollywood2 wrote:January 3, 2009

What a wild one!

I was at the Moose game and kept updated with the highlights shown on the scoreboard. (A nice bonus from the Moose, BTW.) Then the overtime nicely coincided with the 2nd intermission. I don't think the Russians ever got the puck out of their own end. However, it went to a shoot-out. It was neat to watch a TV in the concourse of the MTS Centre with a large group of people like that.

My impression is that this team has been fortunate to get this far. They have made loads of mistakes and their team play is poor. Now let's see if they can pull out another on Monday night.
Lousy way to have to win a hockey game; with a cheesy skills competition, but since those are the rules, we'll have to live with the result :wink: .
I knew the Russian would give them a good game. These guys are great at playing possum. Never believe what you may see in any "weak" games they have played previously.

I am glad that Canada did win. I really want to see the Slovaks win a medal and I really didn't want to have to route against them. Now that the Russians and Americans are out of it, I really am kind of neutral about who wins. Yes I want Canada to win, but I have no problem with anyone else (except for the previously mentioned two) to win. We can't win it every year and it would be good to spread it around a little.
I knew full well it would be a tight game. I have seen the movie where the Russians fall flat in a round-robin game and then come back stroing too many times.
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Re: 2009 World Junior Championship

Post by argolio » Mon Jan 05, 2009 10:41 pm

Hollywood2 wrote:My impression is that this team has been fortunate to get this far. They have made loads of mistakes and their team play is poor. Now let's see if they can pull out another on Monday night.
Couldn't disagree more. After three years of less than exciting teams (the stacked 2005 team couldn't help but be exciting), we finally got a coach who let the skills of all the players shine instead of trying to turn players into role-playing robots. I hope Brent Sutter and Craig Hartsburg (way to ruin Ottawa pal!) never ever coach the Canadian junior team again. At the junior national level, I'd rather lose emphasizing skill than win playing a grind-it-out game. Let them have fun!

I also have to hand it to Pat Quinn for not playing it safe. He had nothing to gain and everything to lose playing at home with a team trying for a fifth straight title, yet he stuck to his core beliefs.
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